BANinja is a turn-based fighting game, featuring characters whose items and colors are generated from a Banano Address, a concept inspired by Kalium MonKeys.


Unlike the MonKeys, however, the game will ship with 3 different creature types (called 'ilk'):

[ icon-kambo ] Kambo

* placeholder image

[ icon-scuttle ] Scuttle

* placeholder image

[ icon-nagual ] Nagual

No matter which Ilk you choose, you will receive the same effects from items. Each will have the same itemset, with the exception of one part, which will have variants for each. This part can grant [ Thorns ] or [ Smog ] or be decorative.
Visual representations for the Kambo, Scuttle, and Nagual:

[ Smog ] - pustulous skin blobs, tear gas cannister shell, puffball cap, respectively.

[ Thorns ] - serrated skin blobs, barbed wire-wrapped shell, and bleeding tooth cap, respectively.


Players will also choose 1 of 3 classes:

[ icon-weaver ] Weaver

[ icon-bruiser ] Bruiser

[ icon-phaser ] Phaser


The initial item set is derived from the player's Banano Address, much like the monKeys from the popular Banano wallet Kalium. Each combat item belongs to a slot, and each slot has capacity for 1 item and a given time. The slots are listed below: