The 'BAN' in 'BANinja' actually stands for Banano!

The game is on based on Banano, everything from character generation to user login methods to item names and references. I plan to follow on with the same exclusive focus on Ban, with a potential exception with the inclusion of some Wax projects.

As a result, a definite goal to incorporate Banano NFTs - the fighter will own some items. When fighters' base characteristics are generated from their addresses, it makes sense that items owned by that account are accessible to the character, too.

The initial plan for NFTs is twofold:

  1. Vanity item skins
  2. 'Vanity' items can be applied to a user's current item to apply a reskin. The current plan is to have this ready to go for Halloween. A seasonal PvE challenge (eg the game prototype vs Swole Torchic and Swole Randal) will reward successful players for winning, and allow them to alter the appearance of a given combat item.

  3. Combat items
  4. 'Combat' items will be free to aquire via the PvE side of the game, and can be switched out for any base item a user has. They will provide stat increases or new abilities

However, that's not to say that everyone will get the same drop, so trading opportunities may arise where the Banano ecosystem is used for the currency and the item to be traded.